About Nathan Moshinsky (short biography)

Born in China, Nathan Moshinsky migrated with his family to Australia at the age of 10 where he completed his education and obtained qualifications.

Over the last 20 years Nathan has developed and pursued an interest in drawing and painting which has been mainly developed through personal practice. He has completed a Diploma of Visual Arts which has expanded his knowledge and appreciation of visual arts practice.

Nathan has exhibited in three solo shows in 1999, 2001, and 2009, with the Victorian Artists’ Society, 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3002, and one solo exhibition in the Customs Wharf Gallery in Williamstown (2003). Also he has taken part in numerous group shows with the Victorian Artists’ Society, the Contemporary Artists’ Society of Victoria and the Council of Adult Education. Also has exhibited and continues to exhibit his work at the Eaglenest Gallery 50 Great Ocean Road, Airey’s Inlet, Victoria, 3231.

During the period between 2003 and 2006, Nathan’s work took him to the Solomon Islands where he gained considerable stimulation from the tropical landscape and enjoyed the slow pace of life. His paintings record his reaction to these surroundings.

The Solomon Island paintings and pastels reflect an interest in portraying stillness and balance, energy and movement. There is a constant play and tension between these forces and Nathan’s work seeks to explore this relationship.

In his current paintings and drawings, Nathan Moshinsky seeks to explore the relationship between the physical world and the world of imagination. The subject matter of his work is the landscape, fruit, flowers, or assembled objects. However, through the interplay of colour and composition, these everyday objects are placed in an imagined context.

Nathan is interested in the intensity posed by the contrast of darkness and light and by the contrast of vibrant warm colours with shadowy dark or even black areas. In this way he seeks to allude to the fragile and temporary nature of living things.

Also in his more recent paintings he has further explored the landscape sometimes using a gestural style and sometimes a moody tonal style to express his reaction to the subject.

Nathan works in many different mediums including oil pastels on a ground of acrylic paint on paper, watercolour and mixed media as well as oils on canvas.